The last step left

to complete the "Televzr" installation


To begin

Click “Enable extension”


Next step

Click “Install” button right here


New tab will open in Chrome browser

Click “Confirm installation” in that new tab


Open any YouTube video

Underneath it you will find our
"Download" button. Enjoy!


If something goes wrong

I can’t see “Enable extension” pop-up

Click on the yellow icon and select "New extension added (MeddleMonkey)".
Then start over from step one

MeddleMonkey icon doesn't show

Click the Chrome main menu

Select "More tools" – "Extensions"

Then turn on the MeddleMonkey extension

Then go back to step two

It seems MeddleMonkey hasn't been installed

You will need to install MeddleMonkey manually.
Open this page MeddleMonkey and install the extension.

Then go back to step two

I already have MeddleMonkey

Then MeddleMonkey has been installed previously.
In this case go back to step two